Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vibhu to Anu says why have to i name bhabhi sister, Anu says forestall over reacting even im calling tiwari uncle, vibhu says he seems like one. Tiwari cribling about identical component to Angoori. Anu and Angoori asks them to inform reasons why they cant. Tiwari tells Angoori that his niece married a foreigner and from that day he hates niece. Vibhu narrates same tale to Anu. Angoori says fir sake for such massive amount do as lara uncle desires to. Anu shows equal to Vibhu.

Boys at tea stall disenchanted over their economic state, teeka says we dont have any loved ones neither we are able to discover any who will be wealthy, Hapu walks to them and says relative’s are mess, its excellent you dont have them,Hapu in tensions finishes boys drink, Hapu says dont fear i will pay you for extra, Tilu says might also god never deliver spouse and children like you,you’ll never do proper to everyone.

Hapu leaves and saxena walks to them and asks them to inform their full names. Vibbu hides from Angoori, and says i cant see her she will name me bhaiya, Angoori sees vibhu and calls him bhaiya,vibhu receives disappointed, Angoori says Lara grandpa has asked to comply with so i will.saxena walks to them and scolds vibhu and says in case you don’t follow you wont take delivery of your share. Vibhu says k i can observe, and calls Angoori sister.

Anu on her to grooming class expecting car, sees tiwari and greets him hi there uncle, Tiwari doesnt respond, Tiwari says dont call me uncle, Anu says you begin calling me your niece, Tiwari says i wont, saxena comes there and says uncle lara has advised if you dont comply with uncle lara will throw you out of your percentage,Anu says uncle Tiwari doesnt follow regulations.

Anu on call with meenal says she can purchase 2 crore vehicle now bye my roch husband is right here, Anu enjoying teasing Meenal. Tiwari and Angoori stroll in, Angoori says saxena may be he has some Saxena walks in, and says you have got three more household, we could meet them and calls boys inner, Saxena says inshort vibhu and Anu are uncle aunt to these boys.

Hapu on name with spouse and children,and ask him to return the cash lended to him. commissioner walks in happy temper.Hapu asks whats the matter, commissioner says my uncle named 70 crore belongings in my name.


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