Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vibhu in lab, he finds anti despair drugs and says bhbahiji this could assist you, vibhu sees a snake and runs away. Tiwari walks to Angoori and says heres have a few milk, you’ll have to cross on greens eating regimen from the following day come let me come up with foot rubdown, Angoori says no please dont do all this, Tiwari says k shoulder massage, Angoori is of the same opinion. Vibhu walks in thorough window, and says bhabhiji i got you pill’s to eliminate your fatigue.

next morning Vibhu waits for Angoori, and calls her, tiwari comes walking and asks whats incorrect, Vibhu says bhabhi isnt her, tiwari says have to be doing pooja. Angoori comes dressed like saxena and starts speakme as saxena, says bhaiya what are you two doing here in any case i need a shock and takes one. Vibhu and Tiwari in marvel to peer her.

Teeka cooking, malkan on enterprise call, teeka says heres milk and who had been you speaking to, tilu says to teeka,mummy im going to university, teeka says dad wants to speak to you,tilu says but i will pass over my flight to university, teeka says your dad wants to set up your wedding with Agnihotris daughter, Tilu says she is mad girl, Teeka and malkan persuade him,tilu says i will think on it allow me cross university now and leaves.

Tiwari asks Angoori why she took electric powered modern-day, Angoori says i was tempted, Angoori talks as if she is saxena, vibbu laughs, Angoori says vibhu bhaiya why are you laughing in any case i want lizard soup, Tiwari bhaiya do you have got lizards in your home, Tiwari says my house is pest controlled.angoori says no issues and leaves.

Tiwari asks Vibhu why is Angoori behaving like saxena, what medicine you gave her and from in which you bought it, Vibhu says from Saxena’s but i checked and were given it,tiwari says appearance what you did to her.

Tiwari and Vibhu at saxenas lab, Saxena says i told you im experimenting, why did you do this, those capsules are not as in step with what they’re named, and the pill you took turned into of clonning i really like myself and i wanted someone like me so i made this tablet, so bhabhi ma has turn out to be my xerox reproduction, vibhu asks how do we cure her, saxena says i dont realize.

Angoori rushes in to Saxena and each greet eachother and proportion their reviews and rush to mad convention. Tiwari says appearance what have you ever accomplished. Malkan at tea stall, teeka walks to him making a song tune, and says listen gopus dad have meals, i understand you’re busy in paintings have meals, Malkan says im busy dont disturb.Tilu walks to them,malkan asks how come you are in workplace today, tilu says because i dont want to marry Agnihotri,i love nirmala,malkan says in case you marry her i will throw you out, Tilu says no concerns i’ve managed to a few how save 72 crores we are able to go away in this poverty a few how, malkan scolds him, and insults nirmalas dad,tilu says dont do that i like her and i’m able to marry handiest her and leaves as if he is on motorbike.teeka starts crying and grasp walks to them,malkan says Darling don’t cry and says to master correct you come back now you warn nirmalas dad or else i can ask FBI to jail him

Precap: Angoori and saxena in police station plea to beat them hard, hapu and commissioner confused.


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