Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Its begins thundering, saxena says oh wow thunder, grasp receives thunder shock accompanied through teeka and Gupta, saxena says my turn please, hapu geys surprise subsequent, saxena receives disenchanted, all supply vibhu bloodless seems. Vibhu says im sorry guys. tiwari and Angoori of their bed room, tiwari locks all doorways and home windows and says that is safety from that unlucky vibhu. Tiwari says but we will shop ourselves i have an idea what you watched, Angoori says very high-quality, Angoori says for now open curtains its suffocating.

Tiwari opens curtains and sees Vibhu and fan falls over him. Vibhu next morning gets out of the residence sees Angoori and Vibhu blind folded, Vibhuti asks whats incorrect, Angoori greets him, Vibhu says its all due to my awful good fortune, Angoori says its vital, Vibhu says you could tribble and fall, Angoori says im helpless, Tiwari says you concentrate in case you locate our concept insulting you cross blind folded.

Boys arrive there blind folded and tell Tiwari by way of mistake we popped on masters new carpet thinking its grass, Tilu says ots all because of Vibbu, Vibhu says im right right here shut up. Tiwari says Vibhu look, now meet me later,and spot how you are troubling others.

all of us at Tiwari house, Tiwari says we are right here to address monster Vibhu, Vibhu walks in,tiwrai says appearance we dont have grudges but your awful luck is doing bad to us, teeka says we dont want to harm you however look you were unemployed but that didnt have an effect on us however that is harming us, Tiwari says so we beg you please leave this metropolis, and if you dont agree we can throw you out.

Angoori says i request you to please leave and accept our apologies,vibhu says if you ask so however i wont depart town however this existence, i have to kill myself, Angoori says don’t try this for sake of Anu, each person requests Vibhu now not to accomplish that, baba walks in and says don’t be scared and take off your blind folds, im the one who cursed him and i’ve taken it returned, vibhu apologies,

boys at tea stall, boys muddle the region, Tiwari comes and shouts tilu and asks him to head paintings and scolds others too, and tell boys about swatchta abhiyan, smooth initiative, tiwari asks them to easy the region and take oath that they shall by no means do so.

Precap: Tiwari denies Angoori of horse riding, Vibhu over hears and says I shall satisfy her dream.


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