Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vibhu hangs tight for Angoori, and calls her, tiwari comes running and asks whats wrong, Vibhu says bhabhi isnt her, tiwari says must do pooja. Angoori comes dressed like saxena and begins talking as saxena, says bhaiya what are both of you doing here in any case I need a stun and takes one. Vibhu and Tiwari in shock to see her.

Teeka cooking, malkan on business call, teeka says heres milk and who were you conversing with, tilu says to teeka,mummy im heading off to college, teeka says father needs to converse with you,tilu says yet I will fail to catch my plane to school, teeka says your father needs to organize your wedding with Agnihotris little girl, Tilu says she is frantic young lady, Teeka and malkan persuade him,tilu says I will think on it let me go school now and leaves.

Tiwari asks Angoori for what reason she took electric flow, Angoori says I was enticed, Angoori talks as though she is saxena, vibbu giggles, Angoori says vibhu bhaiya for what reason are you chuckling at any rate I need reptile soup, Tiwari bhaiya do you have reptiles in your home, Tiwari says my home is nuisance controlled.angoori says no stresses and leaves.

Tiwari asks Vibhu for what valid reason is Angoori carrying on like saxena, what prescription you gave her and from where you got it, Vibhu says from Saxena’s nevertheless I checked and got it,tiwari says look what you did to her.Tiwari and Vibhu at saxenas lab, Saxena says I let you know im testing, for what reason did you do that, these tablets are not according to what they are named, and the tablet you took was of clonning I adore myself and I needed somebody like me so I made this tablet, so bhabhi mama has turned into my xerox duplicate, vibhu asks by what method will we fix her, saxena says I dont know.

Angoori surges in to Saxena and both welcome one another and share their encounters and race to frantic gathering. Tiwari says look what have you done. Malkan at tea slow down, teeka strolls to him singing tune, and says listen gopus father have nourishment, I realize you are occupied in work have sustenance, Malkan says im occupied dont disturb.Tilu strolls to them,malkan asks why you are in office today, tilu says in light of the fact that I dont need to wed Agnihotri,i love nirmala,malkan says on the off chance that you wed her I will toss you out, Tilu says no stresses I have figured out how to some how spare 72 crores we will leave in this neediness some how, malkan reprimands him, and affront nirmalas dad,tilu says dont do this I adore her and I will wed just her and leaves as though he is on bike.teeka begins crying and ace strolls to them,malkan says Darling don’t cry and says to ace great you come now you caution nirmalas father or else I will request that FBI prison him

Precap: Angoori and saxena in police headquarters request to beat them hard, hapu and chief confounded.


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