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Natasha shoots for an object music. Kapadia became appreciative of her overall performance and promises to provide them a deal with. He calls Pakhi to accompany them. the goons had broken into the set and calls Kapadia via mic.

Naksh tells Baa he doesn’t like this paintings, however it doesn’t suggest he received’t help her. He reads the address, Kapadia films Studio and takes the order. Baa become astonished to peer Naksh. Baa thinks she feels terrified today, she doesn’t need to ship Naksh for delivery. Naksh says it’s o.k., he can be pleasant.

Kapadia, Natasha and Pakhi run into the store room. The goons had kept the entire team hostage. His guys go back pronouncing Kapadia is nowhere. The lead goon pulls Pinky out of the group and says it seems Pinky is aware of lots. He holds Pinky on gunpoint. Pinky was equipped to tell the whole thing.

Natasha tells Kapadia that they have got held Pinky captive. Pakhi changed into involved that such guys can hazard anyone’s lifestyles. She turned into willing to exit however Kapadia forbids her. Pakhi persuade them that they should do some thing. They hear a gun shot and bends down the packing containers.

At home, Rimjhim was prepared to go together with Naksh. Ketan tells Naksh to take Rimjhim outside, she will be able to have an time out. Baa additionally convince Naksh to take her along. Rimjhim happily leaves with Naksh.

Pakhi shows that they have to name the police, she appears for her cell phone however had forgotten hers in the washroom. Natasha’s telephone become with Pinky, at the same time as Kapadia also didn’t have his phone. they try to forestall Pakhi, however Pakhi says she isn’t the one to take a seat idly and watch the drama. someone will must take the threat and do something. She opens the door, and spots the goons coming near the shop room. She stands nonetheless till they go away, then goes out of doors.
inside the van, Rimjhim attempts to take Naksh’s attention. He was angry and tells the driving force to power effectively. He then makes Rimjhim sit down at a distance.

Pakhi someway manages to go into the make-up room. She seems for her phone. , the cellphone bell earrings. The goons were attentive and springs interior to make-up room to appearance in. Pakhi had silenced her telephone by using then and hidden in a cupboard. The goons had left the room. She walks out of the closet cabinet cautiously.

Kapadia sat in the store room terrified. Natasha leaves the shop room to search for Pakhi. Kapadia simplest cared for himself. Pakhi calls the police station but the telephone’s battery turned into low. The goons had reached behind her, she receives attentive at the click of gun and turns round, terrified.

Natasha reveals a way to go from the backdoor however become bowled over to be stuck at gun factor. Pakhi grabs a twig bottle and opens it into the goon’s eyes. His eyes burn and he fell on the floor. Pakhi receives maintain of the gun, stabs the goon on his head with it and leaves him with bleeding head into the makeup room.

Rimjhim and Naksh reached the Neel Kamal Studio. Rimjhim became excited as she had by no means visible movie taking pictures. outdoor the studio, Pakhi thinks she have to go to police station to inform the police. She comes out and changed into stunned to look Naksh and Rimjhim out of doors the studio. She tries to forestall him but they hurry inside.

Natasha sat in the hall as captive. one of the goons acknowledges her as the superstar of his nights. The lead goon asks Natasha about Kapadia. Natasha says she can tell him, however doesn’t want to be shot. The goons and every person in the crowd laughs over her manly voice. They ask if she became a heroine with this voice. Naksh and Rimjhim came internal. The goon asks them why they got here right here. Naksh says they got here for shipping of meals. Naksh seems towards Natasha and says it looks as if a B graded film, study Natasha-their lead actress. Rimjhim takes an autograph from Natasha. The lead goon whispers to his guys that they may be outsiders and have to no longer be suspicious that there’s some thing wrong here. Naksh and Rimjhim leave the sets. Natasha tells the goon that Kapadia is in the shop room.

Pakhi follows Kapadia and says her cellphone went useless, she couldn’t call police. She tells Kapadia they could leave from the backdoor. Kapadia requests Pakhi to lead the manner. Pakhi and Kapadia reach the lower back door but it turned into guarded. She sends Kapadia interior, until she finds some other manner.

Mosmi watches a trailer of Dilli Darling. She calls Rimjhim about it. Rimjhim tells her she met Natasha. outdoor the studio, Rimjhim reads to Naksh that Natasha has written SOS as autograph. Naksh gets the alarm. He forces Rimjhim to take a seat inside the van, whilst he goes inside to test the situation.

The goons didn’t find Kapadia in the store room. The lead goon now threatens Natasha that if he doesn’t get Kapadia, he’s going to kill each considered one of them. Naksh thinks he should convey police here as soon as viable. one of the goons come from at the back of, and threatens Naksh on the gun point. he’s taking Naksh internal. Rimjhim and the driving force watch this. the driving force takes the auto again.

Naksh became brought into the corridor by way of the goons. They ask about the girl accompanying him. Naksh decides no longer to inform them and says she ought to be on the set. The injured goon involves the hall and tells them about a girl who ran from make-up room. inside the set, a person mentions it must be Silk. The goon takes a mic and calls Silk to come back outside, else they may kill Naksh. Pakhi was involved what she should do. They understand her as Silk, and Naksh will understand her. but what if she doesn’t cross. The goon inquires Naksh about his call, and threatens to kill him if Silk doesn’t seem. They begin the countdown. Pakhi speaks, she is right here. The lead goon asks if this is Silk. Naksh questions why they’re calling her as Silk, and what she is doing here. Pakhi argues he’s held at gun factor, and nevertheless desires to understand why they’re calling her as Silk.

Rimjhim comes home and tells Mosmi about Naksh being captive in fingers of goons.

The goons held Pakhi at gun factor and asks if she considered herself as Jhansi Ki Rani, and thought about fighting every person. Naksh was irked why they may be speakme to a lady. The lead goon now grabs Naksh’s collar and deters him to show their manly hood. Pakhi spots a cord round and offers the lead goon electric surprise. He trembles and faints at the ground. Naksh runs to seize the gun and forces everybody to throw their guns, else he’s going to shoot their boss. Pakhi trembles that she didn’t intend to kill him, she doesn’t allow his man provide the goon water. Naksh asks Pakhi if she is loopy, this guy meant to take their lives. Pakhi says it become his purpose, no longer hers. Naksh inquires Pakhi why he called her Silk. He says she became unwell, and Baa needed to prepare dinner a lot at home because of her. Pakhi argues regardless of they call her cotton, or Silk; it’s none of his enterprise. Naksh insists to get a solution.

Ketan tells the inspector that his brother turned into held by using goons. He confirms the Studio place from Baa, then guarantees on telephone to be there as nicely. Baa thinks his coronary heart trembled already whilst sending Naksh, she must have gone via herself. Mosmi sends Rimjhim to take care of Mosmi who have been crying. Ketan says he is going with the police.
The lead goon had woken up and grabs the gun from Naksh. They tie arms of Pakhi, Naksh and Natasha behind them. Pakhi and Naksh argue for not focusing and placing each different in issues continually.

The lead goon involves a room to search for Kapadia. Kapadia crawls in the back of the cloth cabinet.

Natasha shuts Pakhi and Naksh up, and complains that she had written SOS for Naksh, nonetheless he didn’t name the police and got here here alternatively. Naksh says he came inside to help them, staking his personal existence. He inquires Pakhi how Natasha knows her. Natasha murmurs every body knows her.

Kapadia dodges the goon shrewdly.

Naksh was quizzical how every person is aware of her as Silk. He asks Pakhi if she is Silk. What she does? Natasha says Pakhi comes here to supply meals. Silk is some other heroine of her film. Pakhi felt she was being referred to as and came to the front. Naksh asks why she turned into being referred to as as talented. Natasha says they simply noticed the trailer of electric shock. Pakhi asserts that she only came here to test Naksh, as she didn’t trust him. Naksh asks who Kapadia is. Pakhi says he’s the manufacturer, then straight away confirms from Natasha about it. Natasha says yes, he’s the producer.

The goon caught Kapadia in a clown’s attire. Kapadia now sat on his knees within the corridor. He become terrified. The lead goon demands him cash to keep his life. Kapadia has the same opinion to give the favored money. The goon asks for a laptop, and says the entirety is digital in recent times. He forces Kapadia to transfer money in his account. The account changed into titled, ‘Samaj Seva purpose’, the goon assures police received’t find out whatever.

Police reached the studio. Ketan accompanied them. The media additionally reached the studio. inner, everything was darkish. Ketan says Rimjhim stated taking pictures become within the nearby ground. soon, they listen police call on loud speaker that the Studio has surrounded the Studio. The goon inquires who knowledgeable the police, and grabs Naksh and asks about the girl accompanying her. Pakhi requests the goon now not to harm Naksh, he’s her employee and who would work if doesn’t come to work day after today.

The goons held Naksh captive. Aakash reached outside the studio and became shocked to peer the police round. He become concerned what changed into going on right here. The police tells Aakash a few goons have held Natasha at gun factor. He enters the studio from the again door, hiding from police’s eyes.

Ishaan activates the information to view the coverage of media. It become pronounced that a few men were released. Naksh appears from the main door as first person. He walked outside covered in a shawl. Ketan asks him to transport ahead. Naksh forbids everybody to come back close, and exhibits the bomb tied to his body with a timer of 03.36. all people was terrified. Mosmi asks Janki why Pakhi didn’t come downstairs, even after this kind of drama.

within the room, Janki reveals pillows in Pakhi’s bed. She turned into greatly surprised and wonders in which Pakhi has long past.
The goon speaks at the mic that the bomb is a faraway managed one and may blast in a unmarried click.
Pakhi thinks about saving Naksh. Natasha asks Pakhi what she is considering. Pakhi says existence is valuable, she wants to shop Naksh’s life. She prays to God for protecting Naksh.
Sharma welcomes version colony members to his show, for fine couples and introduces kanpurs satisfactory 3 couples, Mishras,Tiwaris and Meenal Anurag. Sharma asks meenal and anurag to percentage suggestions, Meenal says enjoy your existence and dont bother about society. Sharma asks Tiwari’s to share their tips, Angoori says serve your husband and keep him satisfied and be loyal closer to him. Tiwari says equal applies to to the husbands and be like me,live unswerving dont eye on different lady, middle of speech tiwari imagines he and anu expressing their like to eachother,Angoori shooks him and asks to hold,Tiwari says i always serve her even in her illness,Vibhu says he’s lying, Angoori says yes he’s,Tiwari asks her to hold shut.

Sharma asks Mishras to percentage guidelines, Anu says for a super couple you need a sturdy

spouse, and independent wife,Vibhu says husband wishes to properly efficient cook dinner, electrician and plumber. Teeka says i have a query, how frequently Anu bhabhi has thrown you out of the residence, Anu says i’ve never thrown him out, its simply that when theres anxiety i ask him to preserve distance so that our wishes boom we pass over eachother and get back to eachother.
Tilu asks Tiwari when will he has his salary, Malkan asks Meenal what she likes about Anurag,meenal says he is big hearted, Prem says the sort of liar you like his financial institution stability.

Anu calls Vibhu and says look its splendid climate, Vibhu says appearance i were given Champaign, Anu says you already know Vibhu you obtain greater than you deserve,Vibhu says you usually do that, usually make me experience much less deserving, Anu says see its because i do greater,Vibhu please i stability right here too, if there might be someone else might have left you, Anu says these ought to be my phrases, i may want to have were given any man, nevertheless any man could die for me,Vibhu says those days are long gone now,you are antique. Anu gets upset on being known as old.

Vibhu says cmon toddler i love you. Angoori clicking pix with her trophy, Tiwari walks to her and congratulates her and says that is your first award right, Angoori says yes how about you, Tiwari says i’ve many, and this award is due to me, Angoori says i used to be praised too, Tiwari says i scored extra because I bare your stupidness, Angoori gets hurt.

Boys infront of verma residence ingesting and tilu think about robbing it, Teeka scolds him, teeka says im going Canada, Prem says who ia going Canada i have a friend there he is a businessman,boys request him to send them all to Canada. Prem says okay my pal wishes boys like you i’m able to manipulate to send you 3.

pre cap : laundry man complains to angoori about his dominating wife, Anu says i have plan to end this.

PRECAP: The goon tells Pakhi that the hero is long past now. Baa additionally prayed for Naksh. There have been most effective few seconds left inside the bomb to blast.


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