Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Everyone at Kanpur Jodi No 1 program, Meenal,Tiwaris,Mishras on the stage to compete, Anchor asks Anu and Angoori to share their reviews, Anu says we are happy for this tittle, we are loyal,honest, Angoori says she is right. Vibhu and Tiwari burst out at them,Meenal joins them. Vibhu says we are the worst couples shame on them, Anu says done with your drama, let me speak now, we arent having any affair all this was done to teach you people lesson.

Meenal apologies, Chedi says my wife is behaving so well with me after this drama, model colony people curse vibhu and Tiwari for insulting Anu and Angoori. Vibhuti Tiwari apologies.

Boys waiting for Prem,prem says that agent ran away with money they were frauds, they even cheated me they had promised me 5 lakhs.

Angoori in bedroom, Tiwari walks to her, Vibhu says to Anu let me tell you im incomplete without you, Tiwari praises Angoori.

Meenal Anurag visit Anu, Meenal says im tired of these pimples, and i have to go party, Anu gets her Acne star oinment.

Gulfamkali meets boys, and says i need 1 lakh please help me, boys say we dont have Survival, how will we manage,gulfamkali yells at them,insults them
Tilu says she was right, Saxena walks to them says yes she is right, boys ask him to stay out, Saxena hits biys. boys ask why did he hit them, Saxena says actually im very upset,Teeka says so this behaviour, Saxena says im missing my great grand father,how could he leave me and go, he shouldn’t,Boys say but he must be dead,Saxena says no he isnt, he left saying he is going Uttarakhand for meditation and will come back and never returned,teeka says pray to God he will answer your prayer, saxena prays, a crow shita on Saxena, Saxena gets happy says God heard my prayer.

precap: Daddy tells he is unwell, Angoori doesn’t allow him to go.


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