Bigg Boss 13 7th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

As per Bigg Boss rules no householder is allowed to discuss the nomination, but still Shefali Bagga and Siddharth Dey are seen discussing the nomination. It will now be seen what punishment Bigg Boss punishes him for this violation of his rule.

During this process, Paras Chhabra will also have the option to save either Shehnaaz Gill and Mahira Sharma. Let me tell you that the proximity of Paras has increased a lot these days from Shehnaaz Gill, but during the nomination there is a high voltage drama between the two. It has to be seen which families will be able to survive this process this year.

Recently a promo video of the upcoming episode was shared by Colors channel showing that Siddharth Shukla will have to choose between Rashmi Desai and Aarti Singh. Even during this nomination task, there are differences between Rashmi and Siddharth.

Paras are discussing their relationship with the rest of the family. He told that he wants to breakup but his girlfriends are very emotional so they are not able to separate. Shehnaaz Gill is also talking to Paras about his feelings with Asim Riaz. Shehnaz told that she is feeling very much for Paras.

There is a debate about Rashmi and Siddharth for cooking. Siddharth Shukla is talking to Rashmi in a loud voice for work.

Many things are happening about Mahira Sharma and his relationship with Paras, Mahira explained to Paras and Shehnaaz Gill that she is just good friend of Paras. Mahira said that even if Shehnaaz and Paras come in relation, they will be happy.

There is a discussion about the old fight between Koena Mitra and Siddharth Dey. Koena explained to Siddharth Dey that he should talk a little better with the girls and pay a little attention to their language.

Siddharth Dey was singing a song for Shefali, which Siddharth Shukla enjoyed after listening to him. Later Paras also had a lot of trouble with Siddharth Dey.

Shehnaaz Gil is talking to Aarti Singh about Paras, Shehnaaz said that now she is only friends with Paras.

The process of nomination has now started. First of all Paras has to save one from nomination between Mahira Sharma and Shehnaaz. Paras has put class on Shehnaaz’s relationship. Paras told that Shehnaaz is sitting with other boys the whole time and later comes to Paras. Paras later asks Mahira to have her side. From Shehnaaz’s Rude Behav, Paras has finally nominated Shehnaaz. However, Paras and Shehnaaz later cried and hugged a lot.

Siddharth Shukla has to save one between Rashmi Desai and Aarti Singh for the nomination of the next member. Rashmi and Aarti have Siddhartha present his side. Siddharth has nominated Rashmi Desai. Later Rashmi joked about Siddhartha in a joke.

Siddharth Dey has been given the next chance to move the nomination process forward. Siddharth Dey has to save one between Shefali Bagga and Daljit Kaur. Meanwhile, Shefali has flirted with Siddharth Dey.

Shefali told that they have a connection outside the house too but inside the house only connection is with Siddharth Dey. Shefali has also given Siddharth a flower.

Siddharth Dey has nominated Daljit Kaur while saving Shefali. During the nomination, Siddharth Dey gave an example about Daljit’s son, which made Daljit very bad. After nomination, Daljit has started Siddharth Day’s class.

Because Abu Malik and Asim Riaz got the highest marks in the report card task. For this reason, Devolina and Koena have the opportunity to nominate Asim and Abu Malik together in the next nomination.


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