Bigg Boss 13 Arhaan Khan Proposes Rashami Desai In Front Of Housemates By Sitting On Her Knees

‘Bigg Boss 13’ has been blowing the air of love for the past two weeks. There is a lot of romance going on in the house amidst the small fuss that happens in the family. On Monday, a similar scene was captured in the Bigg Boss camera when Arhaan Khan spoke to Rashmi Desai in front of all the family members and proposed to her.

Darasus, homeless Arhaan has re-entered the show. She along with Shefali Bagga and Vishal Aditya Singh’s ex-girlfriend Madhurima Tuli have also made a wild card entry at home. While all the family members looked very happy with the arrival of Arhaan, Arhaan also did not miss the opportunity to make his special friend Rashmi feel special. Arhaan proposes to Rashmi by sitting on her knees in front of everyone.

It happened that Arhaan came to the house first and left it with his heart in gestures. Rashmi Desai’s happiness did not remain when she re-entered after a while to stay in the house. During this, Arhaan said that while leaving home, Rashmi had told her I love you, now I want to answer it. On hearing Arhaan, Mahira started insisting that she propose Rashmi in front of everyone. Although Rashmi continued to refuse to do so, both of them stood in the garden area after Mahira insisted.

Arhaan sits on his knees in front of Rashmi and calls him ‘I love you’ while proposing Rashmi. In response, Rashmi embraced by speaking ‘Love you two’. This bonding between the two looks quite good. Now it has to be seen how strong this bonding can be in the pull of the show. Watch video


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