Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Paras Chhabra And Asim Riaz Big Fight On Jammu Kashmir Issue

The house of ‘Bigg Boss’ is known for the tremendous task and the sharp brunt of the contestants. It is common to have a fight between the contestants locked in ‘Bigg Boss’ house, but this battle will start from the very first day in ‘Bigg Boss 13’, even Bigg Boss himself would not have thought. You will get a glimpse of how big this season is going to be on the very first day.

Actually, this time two people from Jammu and Kashmir have entered the show, one Mahira Sharma and Aseem Riyazi. During the premiere, both the legions caught everyone’s attention by repeatedly mentioning Jammu and Kashmir. But Paras Chhabra, another contestant of the show, did not like the same thing of Aseem Riyaji and he got angry with them. Although, this full episode will be shown today, but a small video of it is going viral on social media.

It is seen in the video that Paras does not like to mention Aseem repeatedly to Jammu and Kashmir. On this matter, they are infuriated and there is a heated debate between the two. In the video, Paras is seen saying to Aseem that he starts singing the rant of Jammu and Kashmir anywhere. To which Aseem, responding to Paras, says that he is proud that he has reached the Big Boss and this is a big deal for him.


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