Bigg Boss 13 Day 10 Highlights Shefali Bagga And Shenaaz Gill Is Out From Queen Race

The struggle between contestants in Bigg Boss 13 is now increasing. On the 10th day, a race to become a queen was held in the house, in which some female participants have dropped out of the race. All the contestants were ready for this race in the Queen’s getup and with the help of other companions they had to remain in the race. In such a situation, you know who got out of the race and who remains in the race….

Changes in the rules

After the introduction of Bigg Boss, there are many changes in the house. Now ration management has been given to Shahnaz and Paras, while Rashmi and Devolina have been given the duty of cooking. At the same time, householders can choose their bed partner according to their choice, whereas earlier there was no opportunity to choose a partner by themselves.

Debate between

On the 10th day, there was a strong debate between Shefali and Siddharth Dey. At the same time, there was a debate between Devolina and Shehnaaz about rationing. Siddharth is demanding his Proper Diet but this is not possible due to lack of flour. There was a debate between Paras and Aseem about their duty.

Laughter is also fun

The second shehnaaz was frightening all the family members as ghosts, seeing all the families laughing. Shehnaz was also making fun of Koena Mitra with the Funny Movement.

Started the queen task

In this task, the lives of all the queens are kept in a mat, and girls can harm their antagonist queen’s poop. In this task, the female participant whose matki will be last safe will become queen. Women’s clothing was also different for this. At the same time, Devolina broke the mat of Shefali Bagga and started her out of the race to become Queen.

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