Bigg Boss 13 Devoleena Attack Shefali Bagga During Money Task Physical Fight

Bigg Boss 13‘, Devolina and Shefali Bagga will make a mistake that is not at all in Bigg Boss house. In the upcoming episode, Devolina and Shefali will get into a fight over money. Although fighting during the task is common in the show, but it will increase so much that there will be a fight between the two. ‘Bigg Boss’ has a long history that being fictional in the show means that people who raise their hands either punish ‘Bigg Boss’ or leave them out of the show.

Now ‘Bigg Boss’ will take any action on this scuffle between Devolina and Shefali or else you will know only after watching the episode. At present, a video of both of them has surfaced in which both of them are seen fighting badly during a task. It is shown in the video that Devolina, the queen of the house, assigns work to the people, but all refuse to do their work. After this, Devolina is persuading everyone to work.

Apart from this, ‘Bigg Boss’ will give the household a money-related task in which the boys have to fill the girls’ vault, the girl who has the least money in the vault will be directly eliminated. During this task, Devolina will run away with Shefali money and there will be a fierce fight between the two for money. Shefali will try to snatch money from Devolina and Devolina will not pay. In this tussle, there will be a scuffle between the two and Devilina will attack Shefali from behind. There is a fierce fight between the two in the video. Now what will happen in the entire episode, it will be known only after the episode arrives.

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