Bigg Boss 13 Fans Not Liking Ameesha Patel In Bigg Boss Trolled On Social Media

This is the first time in the history of ‘ Bigg Boss’ when the owner of the house is not someone else but ‘Bigg Boss’, and that too a Bollywood actress. Yes, a little change has been made in this season to house mistress Amisha Patel. That is, this time Amisha Patel will get the task done at home, not ‘Bigg Boss’. Although she will remain in the entire season or not, it is not known yet. But there was a glimpse of it on the first day.

On the first day of the season i.e. on Monday, Amisha made an entry with the song of her film ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai’. After this, Amisha also got some tasks done by the family. In which the task of collecting ration for the house and the task of shirtless boys. All the contestants did both tasks with full energy, but still the fans of ‘Bigg Boss’ are finding it lacking in the show. And that is the lack of voice of Bigg Boss.

Actually, people do not like Amisha Patel becoming the mistress of the house. ‘Bigg Boss’ fans are trolling Amisha on social media and asking ‘Bigg Boss’ why did they do this? Also, the trollers say that neither Amashi is a contestant of the house nor a hit actress, so why is Bigg Boss spending so much money on them? Fans are demanding that Amisha not be shown on the show and get all the tasks done by Bigg Boss like every season. See some funny tweets of fans:

In todays Episode,


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