Bigg Boss 13 Finale Week Sidharth Shukla Asim Riaz Get Support From John Cena F9 Cast

The finale of Bigg Boss 13 season is just a few hours away. On Saturday, the curtain of the most controversial show of the small screen will fall, but before that, the battle for the winner of the first season has intensified. In particular, Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riyaz’s Fans are engaged in social media to make their contestants victorious.

Making this war interesting, now Hollywood stars and sports stars have also jumped into it. Siddharth and Asim are getting support from different fronts. Such support has not been seen in any of the Bigg Boss shows. Let’s talk about Asim Riaz. Journey into Asim’s house has been very spectacular and interesting. She entered the show as an undisclosed Chocolate girl. Seeing Asim with no fan following and identity, it was not expected that he would take such a long journey and become a strong contender for victory. But Asim did it.

Asim moved forward and developed his own identity and fan following. Whatever Asim has earned, he has earned in this show. They did not bring anything from outside. This is the story of becoming a hero from zero.

Asim is getting huge support in social media and now Hollywood stars have also come in his support. Asim has been supported by the Twitter handle of the upcoming Hollywood hit franchise Fast and Furious, F9. In the tweet, tagging Team Asim is written from F9’s account – Welcome to the fast family. The F9 is releasing on 22 May. The film stars Vin Diesel in the lead role.

Earlier, John Cena, who played a negative role in F9, also shared a photo of Asim. He did not write anything with this photo shared on Instagram. Asim’s fans and fan clubs are seeing this as an endorsement to Asim.

On the other hand, for Siddharth Shukla too, his fans and fan club are getting full support. There are many hashtags going on in support of Siddharth Shukla on Twitter. For instance – #SidharthShuklaKeAsliFan #SidharthShuklaForTheWin … On February 10, Siddharth’s fans were pleasantly surprised when cricketer Manoj Tiwari tweeted in his support. Manoj wrote – I am supporting him to win the Big Boss Trophy this year. lot of congratulations.


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