Bigg Boss 13 From Sunny Leone To Sreesanth The Image Of These Celebs Changed In Bigg Boss House

Many celebs and commoners have participated in every season of the reality show Bigg Boss so far. Under the surveillance of many cameras in Bigg Boss house for three months, no real image of anyone can hide from the fans. Till now there have been many such celebs in this disputed show, for which people had different thinking but after coming to Bigg Boss their image completely changed. Let’s look at these celebs.

Former cricketer Sreesanth, who became a contestant in Bigg Boss 12, was charged with spot-fixing during the IPL after which he was banned from the game by the BCCI. Taking the image of a surly person, Sreesanth had entered the Bigg Boss house, but later he has corrected his image by giving his clarification on the show.

Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde has seen many ups and downs in the house. Shilpa Shinde gained a lot of popularity from the show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain. But later he was banned by the Cine Artists Association for 2 years. Shilpa also made several accusations to the producers after the show’s makers accused her of irresponsible behavior and unprofessional attitude. The image of a stubborn and unprofessional actress was completely changed by Shilpa in Bigg Boss house.

Famous Wrestler The Great Khali won a wild card entry in Bigg Boss season 4. Seeing the tall Khali, everyone had an angry person’s mind, but when Khali reached the Bigg Boss house, his entire image was overturned. Khali was of a calm temperament and proved to be a straight man.

Swami Om, who came in Bigg Boss 10, had reached home as a saint-saint but as the game progressed, his real face came to the fore. Swami Om became a freak imposter on seeing this. He was later dropped from the show.

Sunny Leone took a wild card entry in Bigg Boss season 5. When Sunny Leone reached home, many people were unaware that she is a porn star, but after seeing her performance, she got an offer of film Jism 2 at Bigg Boss house, after which she got a porn star from Bollywood. She has become an actress.


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