Bigg Boss 13 Hindustani Bhau His Temper For The First Time In BB House See His Fight With Shehnaz Gill

High voltage dramas are being seen on television reality show. Punjabi singer Shehnaz Gill took the title of Queen of Entertainment at home. Recently, when she became insured after the entry of Hindustani Bhau in the house last week and voted to nominate Bhau. Now a video of both of them has come out in which there is a loud debate between Bhau and Shahnaz.

Recently, a video has been shared from the fanpage of Bigg Boss, in the video, Bhau first explains to Shahnaz in the case of Himanshi, after which there is a debate between the two. Bhau first said to Shahnaz, “You were sitting there yesterday and giving me the fonts, then Himanshi cried, you know.” Shehnaaz says on this, saying, come on your face and say if there is any problem with me.

Seeing the impaired attitude of Shahnaz, Bhau reprimands him, saying, “Acting less, when talking with love then don’t talk with love or don’t talk.” After this, Shahnaz goes and tells everyone that Bhau is quarreling, and Bhau gets enraged after listening. Bhau talks to Shahnaz in a very loud voice, and a debate ensues between the two.

Shahnaz Gill and Hindustani Bhau aka Vinod are considered to be the best entertainers of Bigg Boss house, so when the two get into a fight then the episode will be worth watching.

Apart from this, it is being shown in the video that today Rashmi Desai and Devolina are also going to enter the house again. Seeing his entry, half the people of the house are very happy, while the colors of the other and other groups have blown away.


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