Bigg Boss 13 Madhurima Tuli Arhan Khan And Shefali Bagga Enter In Bigg Boss House As New Wild Card Entry

Bigg Boss 13 Day 65 Highlights: A huge twist was seen on the television reality show Bigg Boss today. Three new members have entered the house today. These members were given a task before going into the house in which Madhurima Tuli, Shefali Bagga and Aahan Khan performed the best and won the task.

Today, Bigg Boss showed that Contestant Vishal Aditya Singh’s ex girlfriend Madhurima Tuli and the show’s ex contestants Shefali Bagga and Arhan Khan have been given a task. The task was named Nazarzad. In this task, one wild card was sent from time to time inside the house where they were to get the reactions of the rest of the family.

Arhan Khan was the first to enter the house. Arhan arrived at the house with a ring for Rashmi Desai, but Rashmi Desai did not give him any reaction while maintaining the task. Due to poor performance, Arhan could not get much reaction from the householders, due to which he got only one line of reaction board.

After Arhan, Vishal Aditya Singh’s ex-girlfriend Madhurima Tuli entered the house. Madhurima reached home and tried her best to get a reaction from all the families. During the task, Madhurima also pretended to carry the belongings of the family, which led to many reactions. Madhurima had found two lines in the reaction board.

Eventually the show’s ex-contestant Shefali Bagga arrived. Shefali first went to Shahnaz Gill. Shahnaz became very emotional after seeing Shefali, later both also hugged. Later, Shefali manages to get a reaction from Paras as well. Shefali goes into the house and gets a lot of reactions, due to which she gets 5 lines.

Later, at the behest of Bigg Boss, the trio enter the house together. Bigg Boss welcomes the three wild card entries, stating that because the trio have completed the task well, the trio is safe from the nomination process that takes place this week.


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