Bigg Boss 13 Paras Chabra Will Soon Be Back In Bigg Boss Show This Is Reason Behind His Sudden Eviction

On the television reality show Bigg Boss 13, there are new twists. Paras Chhabra, the contestants of the show on the previous day, has been dropped from the big without elimination in the middle of the week. But there is good news for the fans as Paras is going to return home in a few days.

Bibi junction task was held for captivity in Bigg Boss’s house on the previous day, in which all the families had canceled the task, showing a lot of agitation. After the cancellation of the task, Bigg Boss has strongly condemned many members. Then later Bigg Boss announced that Paras Chhabra will have to take leave from the family at this time. Actually, Paras Chhabra’s finger got hurt a few days ago due to which he was unable to do many household chores. Bigg Boss told that Paras need treatment that is not possible in the house of Bigg Boss, so he will have to go out for some time and get treatment.

Let us tell you that Paras and Siddharth had a fight during the BB Junction task which took place a few weeks ago. Paras finger was twisted in the drawn tail of this battle, after which Paras is seen bandaged in finger. He was being given treatment from time to time by Bigg Boss but later it became known that he has a fracture in his finger which is not possible to be treated at home.

Even before Paras Chhabra left, Shahnaz knew that he was going out for some time. Shehnaaz had mentioned this while crying in the episode on the previous day as well and said that she loves Paras. Even while leaving Paras, Shahnaz had expressed his love to her.

Since Paras is out of the house, only Himanshi Khurana, Shefali Jariwala, Asim Riaz and Rashmi Desai are nominated to be homeless this week.


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