Bigg Boss 13 Paras Chhabra Girlfriend Akanksha Puri Shocked On His Tattoo Statement Here Is Akanksha Reaction

Everyone is shocked by a statement by Contestant Paras Chhabra of ‘Bigg Boss 13’. Paras said in front of Arhaan on Tuesday’s episode that he had to get tattooed due to Akanksha’s insistence. These tattoos are made just to please Aakanksha as she fell behind him. Hearing this talk of Paras, not only the audience but Akanksha himself is shocked.

Actually, from the beginning of the show till now… Akanksha has supported Paras a lot. Then whether he wants to flirt with Shahnaz or have special friendship with Mahira. When Akanksha came in ‘Bigg Boss 13’ a few days ago, she said that she has no problem with the game of Paras, close proximity to any female contestants, all of which are part of her game. I was the one who asked them to do so. Everyone praised the aspiration for supporting Paras in this way. But recently Paras is very shocked by what he asked for aspiration.

He has also spoken to Spotboye about this. Talking to Spotboys, Akanksha said, ‘My mind is not in a position right now so that I can give any answer about this. I am now waiting for Paras to come out

On his return to the show, Arhan Khan asks Paras about the tattoo named Akansha. Paras told him that Akansha had forced him to get the tattoo, after which he had to get the tattoo done. Paras told, ‘He got a tattoo of my name first and asked him to prove love. Therefore, to keep her happy, I gave her name. Arhaan was a little surprised after hearing Paras. He said ‘Akanksha supports you a lot outside’. Paras gave a very dirty reaction to this.


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