Bigg Boss 13 Rakhi Sawant Lashed Out On Salman Khan After Shefali Jariwala Calls Shehnaz Punjab Ki Rakhi Sawant

The BB reality service task took place a few days ago on the TV reality show Bigg Boss. During this task, Shefali Jariwala told Shahnaz Gill that sometimes you look like Rakhi Sawant of Punjab. After hearing her name on the show, how long could drama queen Rakhi Sawant remain calm. Hearing his name on the show, Rakhi Sawant has sought justice from Salman Khan for blazing his name.

Recently Rakhi Sawant has shared some of her videos from her official Instagram account, in which Rakhi Sawant is saying, what do you guys think of me, I have compiled this against Shahnaz Gill, Himanshi Khurana and Shefali Jariwala, I am so I am busy, PMs of London, China, Japan and Bhutan know me, my name is so high and you guys are spoiling my name in Bigg Boss, don’t be ashamed.

Next Rakhi says, Bigg Boss Salman, where are you, Salman always takes my side, Salman Khan, see how these people are spoiling my name, Salman I want justice.

Apart from this, Rakhi said that Karan Johar also always uses my name in his show Koffee with Karan, he says to his guests what if you wake up one day in the morning and you know that you are Rakhi Sawant, Rakhi on this Said that I am also a human being, now I live in London, Prince Princes here also come to meet me like Priyanka Chopra. So please take my name from Respect India people.

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Rakhi has continuously shared her videos. In his next video, Rakhi even said that Bigg Boss is my husband. Rakhi said that I got married to Bigg Boss in the first season.


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