Bigg Boss 13 Rashmi Desai Lashed Out On Shegali Bagga Question In Big Boss News Task

One of television’s most controversial shows, Bigg Boss is now just a few minutes from its first stop. Finale Week is about to start in the show this week, in which all the family members are working hard to save, in the meantime TV anchor Shefali Bagga has asked sharp questions from many family members in her reporter style, which all the family members were very angry.

Recently, a video of the episode which aired today on Colors Chance’s official page has been shared, in which Bigg Boss news task is given to Shefali Bagga by Bigg Boss. In this task, Shefali has to ask sharp questions from all the families one by one. First Shefali is seen questioning Rashmi Desai.

Shefali asked Rashmi that you often say that Siddhartha is manipulative, so why don’t you say this on his mouth. On this Rashmi said that I think they play games with words, and manipulate words. Further, Shefali did not listen to Rashmi and understood her answer differently, seeing Rashmi Desai flare up.

Shefali further said that you always say that when you get a chance, you will speak, now you have a chance, then you speak. On this Rashmi said, the time will come, the need arises, and if asked, I will definitely answer that question. On this, Shefali tightened up to play safe on him, irritated Rashmi said, I think the time is over now.

After this, Shefali posed very sharp questions to the rest of the family. Shefali has also questioned Paras Shukla.


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