Bigg Boss 13: Siddharth Dey was bathing without locking the bathroom, Koena Mitra accidentally went inside

There are many such occasions in the house of ‘ Bigg Boss’ when the contestant falls victim to the Oops movement. In ‘Bigg Boss 13’, something similar happened on Friday, the 13th day. Bollywood actress Koena Mitra succumbed to Up’s Moment on Friday. Woot has shared an uncut video showing something happening to Koena that made him ashamed as well. Actually, it happened that Siddharth Dey was bathing in the bathroom, but he forgot to lock the bathroom door.

During that time, Koena also came with her clothes and went to the bathroom where Siddharth was taking a bath. As soon as Koena entered the bathroom, she immediately came out screaming and started laughing. Paras and Mahira were already present in the bathroom area, both of them start laughing loudly after seeing this happen to Koena. After which Koena tells Paras’ Why was this bathroom door open? Paras says ‘this is shameless’.

However, the next second Koena becomes serious and tells Paras not to tell anyone about it or else they will not like it. But Paras tells Aseem and Aseem tells all the contestants what happened to Koena today. After which all the contestants start pulling Siddhartha. But Siddharth goes into the bedroom without giving any answer.


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