Bigg Boss 13 Sidharth Shukla Breaks Friendship With Arti Singh After Wild Card Entries Takes Place In His Group

New wild card entries have come this week in the TV reality show Bigg Boss. With the arrival of these new members in the house, all the old groups are breaking up and new groups are being formed. Siddharth, who has been playing his friendship for many days, has also been upset after seeing the changing colors of his companions.

In the episode of Bigg Boss that aired on the previous day, it is shown that from the beginning of the day, Aarti is sitting separately from her group i.e. Asim, Siddhartha and is not even talking to anyone directly. Apart from this, Aarti reprimanded Aarti during the BB Transport Service task.

Siddharth Shukla and Asim are upset by the constant attitude of Aarti. Asim told Siddharth that Aarti is becoming very different after the arrival of new people and becomes captain and is trying to increase rapport with other groups. After this, Siddharth told that when new couples came, he told Aarti that I do not have trust in you.

Later Shefali said in front of Jariwala and Himanshi Khurana that they are going to go through Aarti and say that they will not talk to them anymore. On which Himanshi and Shefali explain them. In anger, Siddhartha goes directly in front of Aarti and adds angrily in front of him, saying nothing.

Later Aarti comes after them and asks Siddharth to do so, Siddhartha tells them, later Aarti also flashes on them and says that if you feel like it, then don’t talk at all, trust If not, there is no need to talk at all. Saying this, Aarti leaves from there.

Right from the beginning of the show, Aarti and Siddharth have been playing the game supporting each other, but because the wild card entry has broken all the groups, the relationship has broken.


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