Bigg Boss 13 Some Peopls Wants To Ban On Bigg Boss And Doing Flood Of Tweets For Boycott Of Show

It has only been a week since Bigg Boss started its 13th season and people have started demanding a ban on it and boycott it. People have run a campaign about banning Bigg Boss and the reason for demanding ban on Bigg Boss is because of the scenes shown in the show. Some people believe that playing with Hindu culture is being played through the show and love jihad is being promoted in the show.

Along with people, many leaders on Twitter have also joined this crowd and are raising their voice against Bigg Boss. Accusing Love Jihad, people have to say that Hindu girl is being partnered with a Muslim boy in the show and why Muslim is not being shown with a Hindu boy in the show. Since then a large section has opened a front against Bigg Boss on social media and it is being touted against Hindu culture.

People have since been tweeting and opposing BigBoss with the hashtags #Boycott_BigBoss, #Jihadi_BigBoss, #Jihad_Failata_bigbos, #bycott_bigboss. At the same time, some people are also supporting the broadcast of Bigg Boss and this is not affecting the Hindu culture.

Let us know that the 13th season of the show is going on this year, which is being hosted by Superstar Salman Khan. In such a situation, Salman Khan is also being targeted. This season has been one week and the drama, romance game has also started in the show. At the same time, people are being misled by tweeting a photo of Bigg Boss 9 and it is being said that Muslim boy and Hindu boy are sharing beds here.

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