Bigg Boss 13 Vishal Aditya Singh Reveals The Reason Behind His And Madhurima Tuli Breakup Watch Video

‘Bigg Boss 13’ created a stir on Monday when three members entered the show. Shefali Bagga, Arhan Khan and Madhurima Tuli. Shefali and Arhan are homeless once from ‘Bigg Boss’ house, they have again entered the show. Madhurima, for the first time, entered the show as a wild card. With the arrival of Shefali Bagga and Arhaan, the householders were quite excited. But with the arrival of Madhurima, a new story has started in the house.

Actually, Madhurima Tuli has been the girlfriend of Vishal Aditya Singh. Before ‘Bigg Boss’, both of them appeared in ‘Nach Baliye Season 9’. There used to be a lot of fights between the two in that show. In such a situation, Vishal looked a bit restless after Madhurima’s ‘Bigg Boss’. Seeing Vishal restless, Shahnaz asked Vishal, do you still love him? In response, Vishal said, “I respect him”.After this, Shahnaz asked why did the two of you break up? Vishal said, ‘Madhurima did not like a desi boy like me.

Initially everything went well but then fights started. Gradually we realized that we should separate. I used to love her a lot so used to run like crazy after her, but she used to abuse me a lot whenever she fought with me. I could not withstand all these days and we were separated by mutual agreement.


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