Bigg Boss Marathi 2 11th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Today’s episode begins with Abhijit Bichule and his little genius. Mahesh Manjrekar commented on Bichukle’s look, his words, and gave him some funny answers. After that Heena’s school starts. Her mistake is explained by the way in which Heena made the scene when her cake disappeared, and the members were overwhelmed. However, at this time, the anger of every member in the mind of the way Heena has polluted the atmosphere due to a small cake comes out. The stricken ones begin to talk on the subject and the subject grows.

Then there was the entry for today’s weekend left-hander, Salman Khan. At this time Mahesh Manjrekar appeals for the flood victims, and the song in his new movie is launched. Meanwhile, 4 lines of Kateki Mattegaonkar’s voice are heard in the song. After this, Mahesh Manjrekar asks some questions to find out exactly what Salman Khan is like. In the meantime, Manjrekar and Salman give some of the old things light on the memories.

After that, Salman Khan is shown to all members of the household. Mahesh Manjerkar introduces all members of the household to Salman Khan. Then Bichukle presents a poem composed by Salman Khan. Next begins the game of song recognition from the pictures. All Salman’s songs are hidden in the pictures here. Members recognize each other and dance on it. Most spectacular at this time is Bichukle and Heena’s dance on the song ‘Dekha Hai Pahla Bar’.

After that, Mahesh and Salman play a game. This time, they want to know who they are, acting in front of each other, showing photos of some artists. Both artists know this very clearly. Finally, Salman sends a greeting to all the members of the household, giving some advice.

Finally, Abhijit Kelkar comes out of the Bigg Boss house this week. Abhijit was considered the strongest player in the house, but his departure has made everyone happy. The most striking thing about this is Shiva. Formerly Vaishali and now Abhijit has come out, Shiva’s great support has disappeared.


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