Bigg Boss Marathi 2 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Bigg Boss home game is now in its final stages, so the captaincy is a magic wand that can last for a week. To get this opportunity, the members of the house today had to choose their candidate for the captainship. This time, however, the Big Boss took the opportunity out of their hands because of the stubbornness of Abhijit Bichukle. In fact, despite the rule that no one should sleep in the house for the rest of the day, I was in bed constantly stating that I wanted peace. He was disqualified from the captaincy competition by the Bigg Boss for his stubbornness and violation of the rules.

In this task, members of the household thought that the photographs of the ineligible members were blacked out. In this, Neha was given the benefit of being the Best Player of the Week last week, according to which Neha was the first one to get out of the race. She disqualifies her for the first time because of Hina’s shock. Shivani, Neha, Aroh and Veena also got out of the race.

Meanwhile, in the middle of today’s episode, Shivani and Shivani are talking at the beginning, when Shivani advises them not to be overconfident. But this time there was no usual screaming. Shivani and Shiva along with members of the family flock to the beach. If Shiwani gets his pants thrown into the swimming pool, but if he feels awkward then he throws me but says no. From that, Shiva picks them up and goes to the pool. At this point, the members of the household and the chatter of the bumblebee will not be smiling after seeing the jumble. In the area tomorrow, the Captain will be appointed in the house to find out what happens in your Marathi Bigg Boss Marathi 2!

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