Bigg Boss Marathi 2 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The color of the match between Cloud and Silk in the Bigg Boss house; Sushant and his team won the weekly function

Today begins the day with a vocal song at the Bigg Boss house. However, since the ongoing task is still going on today, all members try to maintain those flags to protect their flags. The controversy begins at home as some flag stickers are removed. Now you need to get the permission of the king or queen of that area to use the part you want according to this task. That’s why every team is trying to create problems for each other.

In the meantime, Neha and Shiva in the silk team, seeing that Long and Shiva are in the team of Sushant, put their flag on Silk’s place. Everyone appreciates Hina’s act. Shivani and Aroha, on the other hand, deliberately overheard Sushant, so that he would have to go to the bathroom, which is under the cloud control. Then the battle for the next space begins. In this the team members are given various physical small tasks. Shiva wins the task and gives Silk the winner.

Big Boss says the next task will be to establish a state in the kitchen. Cloud and silk are going to fight for this. In this task, both teams are given the task of making a meal in 45 minutes. After the buzzer, the two teams begin to make their own dishes. First, Megha, Shivani and Arohi make noodles. Silk, Shiva and Shivani make cutlets and veins. In this, Megha and her team win the task and they get the kitchen team.

After all the task, Sushant has 3 states, Megh has 2 states and Silk has 1 state. Thus Sushant’s team is the winner in this weekly work. Then the task of passing the pillow to the music begins with all the members. In it, the lost members present various arts.

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