Bigg Boss Marathi 2 17th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode begins with a short meeting of Veena and Shivani. Here both of them now decide to stay organized. At the start of the day at the Bigg Boss house, members are offered some Ponds products. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in the house. Aroha builds Kishori, Neha, Veena and Shivani Rakhi. After that, Kishori, Neha and Shivani build Rakhi. Kishore and Shivani make rakhi to Bichukle. The complained harp then complains to Heena.

The breaking news is then given to the members by the Bigg Boss. In this, we want to attract the attention of the news correspondent and news reporter by creating breaking news to the members. For the first time, Shivani pretends to be poisoned and dizzy, the news of which is said to have gone awry. But in the meantime, members who are always confused begin to argue over how to play this task. Again, the Bigg Boss members are called together and explain the rules.

After that, Veena pretends to be drunk. The way the members are playing the game does not last long without remembering last season. The task was played very well by the members last season, but today there is a literal sense of the members. Later, Aroha and Heena say they found the tights in the freezer.

Then Neha and Aroha make breaking news of the ghost in the Bigg Boss house. Of these, Shivani was poisoned, Neha’s body was presented with three breaking news, ghosting and Veena drinking.

Then the lemon, turmeric, kinku are found in the men’s bedroom. Heena, on the other hand, also pretends to be in a bikini. After this breaking news, Aroha and Shivani start pretending to marry each other. Among these, news of Shivani and Aroha’s wedding and walking in a henna bikini are presented.

Next time, Veena tries to make news by hiding her mic. However, immediately the dispute between Shivani and Aroha starts, in which Shivani gets busy making news of Aroha’s killing. Later, breaking news for brothers and sisters is made for Raksha Bandhan. After that, breaking news is also made for the exercise of adolescence. Next, Shiva makes the news of getting the gold treasure in Big Boss house.

Subsequently, news is made to put the teenage girl in the abyss. Teenagers read through the breaking news today. The teenager’s decision shows Neha and her mount unhappy. Here, Heena complains of family members in the form of news. Finally, the teenager presents the news she wants. However, all the members of the household appear to be completely disappointed with the decision of Kishore and Bichukle.

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