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Shiva’s mother’s enthralling entry in Bigg Boss house will be a blow to Veena Shiva’s name

In the Bigg Boss house, from the start of the Statue-Release game till yesterday, close family members of Kishori, Neha, Shivani and Heena could be visited by members of the household. The whole atmosphere of the house was made emotional by the visit of the family, which is why not, but the members shouting at each other’s heads inside yesterday were seen literally crying yesterday. Today, two children of Abhijit Kelkar come to visit the house, making this atmosphere even more relaxed. Abhijit, who is already crying for a moment, can see his children laughing instead of crying. But the video call of the father once again burst into tears. To lighten the atmosphere, Shiv Thackrey’s entry was at home. When meeting family members, they also visit destructively. Like Shiva as a teenager, harp,See what’s going to happen in today’s area?

In the promo shown on VOOT, Shivani is seen screaming in the garden area earlier this morning. You asked Veena to choose her own clothes, but from that she was hitting on you. This led to the entry of Abhijeet Kelkar’s children in the house while the dispute was going on between them. Depending on the game, everyone is freeze at this time. While his two children are sitting next to Abhijit, Bigg Boss gives him another pleasant shock, showing video messages of his father. This makes the home environment much softer. Shiva’s mother then enters the house. He talks to the members of the house, speaking in the language of the villagers. Shiva is ordered to be released by Bigg Boss, but then he takes it upon him and explains to him. They also say that you should bake ashes from all the girls in the house.

Meanwhile, another woman who comes with Shiva’s mother is probably Shiva’s sister. While explaining to Shiva, he also advises him to play independently, all the supporters here are good, so he tells you to play your game and play the harp and send the house away. This time of the week has been very special for the family members. As a result, there is a happy ending at home this week.

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