Bigg Boss Marathi 2 20th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Family members angry over Veena-Shiva; Visitors Digambar Naik, Madhav Devchake Who will give advice?

Shiva and Veena have always been a topic of discussion in the Bigg Boss house. If there is a dispute between Veena and Shiva or what causes Veena angry, then Shiva is meditating on her. As a result, members of the house have accused Shiva of making Veena a ‘Joru ka Ghulam’.

Shiva and Veena had a good friendship only a few weeks after the Bigg Boss started. Other members of the household were threatening their friendship. But these two always found themselves standing firmly behind each other. Often seen, Shiva is always following the harp. For this reason, members have accused Shiva of being ‘Joru ka Ghulam’ in the ‘Bichule Ki Ketila’ task, which was staged at the Bigg Boss house on Monday. The harp is just what she wants. However, members of the house have accused both Shiva of asking her to do what she wants.

Shiva has ignored the allegations made by members of the house. They are both good friends, Shiva adores her when she harps on the harp. He has also acknowledged this. But both of them love the story and the relationship between them is such that he favors the harp.

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