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Yesterday, Shiva had been given a supari to kill him after breaking the rules of Big Boss’s house. Shiva has been given ‘Neha’ who is now a murderer due to ‘Khalas’. A dispute between the two begins at midnight about Neha’s letter to Heena. Neha pleads for the letter but the irritated Heena keeps giving the opposite answers to all. (She’s angry that nobody appreciates Heena’s feelings). In this fight, the omniscient harp keeps their thoughts in mind.

Currently everyone is scared because of the ongoing murder trial. At this point, Heena has tied up all of them in a similar plot, so that some of them will disappear and not signify murder. However, Rupali and Shivani together and hiding the make up box. From that, they start arguing once again at home. After the next buzzer, Kishore and Madhav give the names of Shivani and Veena for the murder, respectively. She can not be murdered because Shivani is a murderer. So Neha was chosen to murder Veena.

Neha wants to make a dance of Shiva and Veena for the murder of Veena. As Neha was clever on the head, she shook his head and shook his head together to dance. Eventually, Veena and Shiva dance on the song ‘Tic Tik Vaje Dakhon’. Meanwhile, Heena steals the photo of Neha and hides it as planned. It is then said that the 4th murder of a harp in the house is reported. In the next buzzer, Rupali offers a henna nut.

To kill Anne, Shivani needs to pour a glass of water on her body. Shivani, as usual, accomplishes this with Leila, and the fifth murder occurs in the house. Heena finally finds a makeup box hidden in silver.

Since Madhav and Rupali are common citizens in the house, Shivani and Neha are chosen for their murder respectively. Both types are said to be murdered. The murdered first of all will be accepted. In just a few minutes, Shivani completes the story and Madhav is murdered. After that, he got into some kind of drama, Abhijit Sagalli, in a loud voice. Everyone is scared of what happened, but Shiva and Vaishali are angry with the current captain, Rupali, who is very cool and responded. But she says that I will open the room when Big Boss is announced. Finally, the pressure of all the rupees opens the Rupali door.

When Abhijit comes out, we discuss many things with our group. In the Murder Mystery Task, Abhijit falls in love with the way Veena, Heena, Shiva and Vaishali did badly. At the end of the task, everyone starts to fight Hina over theft of Neha’s letter. However, Heena is so strong that she continues to answer all the questions. On the night again, Hannah’s brother Neha and Rupali made a fight. Because of the way Hina was speaking it was wrong to say that it was wrong.

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After that Kabbadi plays the game of Big Boss household members. The first game of the pro kabaddi will be played on 20th July, it is promoted here.


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