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BB Birthday Party to be played in Bigg Boss house

The show, ‘Bigg Boss Marathi 2’, is now in its final stages and the last 10 days are over. Therefore, the Big Boss has given a BB Birthday Party function in this house for the last 3 months to put aside all the conflicts, fumes, scandals that have been seen in this house for the last few days. In which all the contestants will be seen singing and dancing. Each contestant is given a special costume.

In addition, the props are given to the contestants at a birthday party. The funniest thing to do is watch Abhijit Bichukale dance from the horror. They will be seen playing the rhythm of the song ‘Aya Re Raja’. Watch the video

Aroh Velankar will also be seen dancing on the song ‘Zingat’.

Recently, the Bigg Boss announced that Shivani and Neha had been given the final ticket. After that, it got angry with many audiences as well as Big Boss fans. However, due to the misconduct of the contestants in the stamping task yesterday, Big Boss nominated all members except Shivani and Neha.

In spite of all this, all the contestants will find themselves dancing in the unconscious and forgetting all the arguments. That’s exactly


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