Bigg Boss Marathi 2 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nehshi Abola to hold Shivani, will be standing in Shiva-Heena weekly It is almost impossible to predict when someone will strike in the house of Bigg Boss (Marathi 2), in which you can see the surviving friendships from the back. This rivalry has already broken the group of Rupali Bhosale – Kishori Shahane – Veena Jagtap, while Neha Shitole, Shivani and Madhav Devcha (Madhav Devchake) from the entry of Aroha Velankar. ) Are also being debated. No matter what the result, but in today’s episode, Shivani will tell Madhava that he will no longer talk to Neha. In fact, Neha often interacts with family members, but Shivani says that if someone makes a joke about her, she gets angry immediately. But when explaining her to Madhav, Nehashi recommends staying on-off rather than keeping Ablola completely. Know what will happen in Bigg Boss today?

As shown in the promo on voot, in today’s area, household members will be given weekly work of seven / twelve, in which there are two groups from Bigg Boss as usual. One of these groups is divided into Shivani, Neha, Madhav, Shiva, Rupali and the other group is Kishori, Abhijit, Heena and Aroha. In this case, Sivani’s group is given litigation and Rupali’s group is given pest role. The task can be to prevent pests from infiltrating into the litigation fields and to try to infiltrate the fields. During the game, Shiva and Hina will have a dispute again. Hina seems to be completely rubbing Shiva’s limbs at which Shiva shouts to her. But Abhijit tells him to calm down and pay attention to the game.

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Meanwhile, Rupali, Shiva and Abhijit are all members nominated to leave the house after yesterday’s nomination task. In today’s Task, the candidate will be selected for next week’s post of Captain, what will be the game of today and who has a heavy load. You won’t miss today’s episode to see what’s going on.


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