Bigg Boss Marathi 2 28th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahesh Manjrekar Weekend Ka Vaar

Bigg Boss Marathi 2 28th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Neha gave Shivani a higher status than her estranged father; A big brawl took place in the house due to the rupees

The episode begins with Shivani explaining Madhav. Shivani tells him about forgetting his anger about the way Madhav has spoken to Neha. Neha, on the other hand, starts to cry over the fact that everyone is saying her mistake. The biggest problem here is the brothers and the tone of Neha’s face. Shivani Madhav sits down to explain how and where Neha is wrong. But these literal encounters turn into chatter. Shivani says that Neha is doing what she does when she finally shows each other mistakes. Neha takes this to heart and says that the pain caused by Shivani’s sentence is greater than the pain that her father lost.

Then there was the entry of Mahesh Manjrekar. After arriving, everyone is asked who are his two friends in the house. Then Madhav is asked about the way he is dealing with Neha, the way he is talking to her. On this, Madhav gives his own explanation and also supports him. In this, Shivani also expresses his views about the twentieth balloons occurring. (After hearing all these explanations, it begs the question, are these people here to play Bigg Boss?). When this Purana is over, Shiva is chosen as the best player.

She is then explained to Hina’s habit about which everyone is upset. The way she spends a lot of time explaining something is a front bore. She is told not to do such things. Next the subject goes on to the controversy of Shiva and mountaineer. Since Aroha is a strong Puneer, he has a very good explanation for this dispute. However, the manner in which Shiva was arguing shows the depth of his own intellect. Shiva was misunderstood during this dispute due to the fire of Rupali. However, what happened was that Aroha and Shiva called each other Saori,

Subsequently, the issue arises as to the dispute between Shivani and Heena. A short question to Hina tells her about four things that Shivani had said to her. Often, Shivani herself says that she should not speak on personal matters, but she does comment on the personal life of many. Last week, Shivani’s mouth was worn out, and she is given a society. In all these cases, Rupali was also against Hina, so she is shown her fault. In the end, both Veena and Heena, who are nominated, are asked which of them will be safe. But finally Heena was safe for this week.

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