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Promo in Marathi Bigg Boss Program, Hit Recap: The audience is offended by the disruption

The reality show, Bigg Boss Marathi 2, which started on a private Marathi television channel has become a hot topic of discussion among the public. The program, which lasted 100 days, was Thursday. As usual the program started. However, in this episode, the series was hit with so many other promos and recaps of the series that it was time to hit the audience. Shockingly, the breaks taken in yesterday’s episode were much longer than usual. So some of the audience expressed the feeling that we are watching the promo of the series in Bigg Boss, that we are watching the Bigg Boss event in the promo of the series.

During a break in yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss’s show, the series’ promos and recaps were a bit much. Often, it was pointed out that there was an attempt to show a recap of the episode in the series that took place under the name of Promos. The audience expressed strong disapproval over this. Latterly, the audience’s reaction to the genre was known as representative.

Audience reaction

What if the Bigg Boss is over?

Vilas Shinde, an observer from Dombivali who regularly watches the Bigg Boss, said that there was no ‘time set’ for advertisements in yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss. The promos shown were so exaggerated that for a moment it seemed as if the Bigg Boss event was over. Secondly, the promo shown on the Lakshmi-Narayan marriage also did not have timely association. The motive behind showing the promo on such a large scale and series was never clear. Overall, I was disgusted by watching the Bigg Boss program, ”said Shinde.

We were disrupted

Another person who watches Bigg Boss regularly, Ruchira Rohan Gaikar, says that everyone in our house, including me, watches Bigg Boss. As usual, watching the Bigg Boss yesterday was a break and the promo shown was time consuming. Because of the long time promos started, the old people in our house wondered if the Bigg Boss event was over. Offering no idea, we were dismayed by the prolonged promo show during the break. Our enjoyment of entertainment was interrupted.

This is irritating

Sally Sawant, the Big Boss audience in Lower Parel said that the Big Boss is always public during the event. It’s okay to take a break. However, it is annoying to take a break for such a long time and show the promo of the series in it. Asked why the audience of other promos had to endure such a large number of promoters during the Bigg Boss program, Sawali Sawant also asked.

Visualizing various aspects of human behavior in Bigg Boss

The Bigg Boss program shows various aspects of human behavior and human behavior. The participating members of the program come from different levels of the community. Also, they have done what they think is worthy of public discussion in their field. Often, this performance can be positive or critical. Also, the competitors in this program benefit from expanding their career graphs. This program helps to understand how a person can behave in different situations. Also, it was entertaining. The audience is watching this event. As the program is being aired, there is a small break for advertising. However, this break was more widespread in yesterday’s part of the program.

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