Bigg Boss Marathi 2 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

This is often seen by more than one Avelia member while trying to get away with arguing in the Bigg Boss house. In today’s episode, initially, Shiva, Veena and Shivani are going to see Abhijit Bichukle taking a spin. On the other hand, Shivani and Neha will once again face controversy. The two bosses will be able to see the smiling faces of members of the house on the same day.

See what will happen in today’s area?

Shiv Veena and Shivani target Abhijit Bichukle at the beginning of today’s episode. When the bathroom is gone for a distracted bath, Shiva lights the middleman with the lights on. In fact, it was only during the re-entry of the house that the word killers appeared to be stricken with irritation. Today, however, he participates in Shiva’s masculinity with restraint. Yes, but this time it is certain that no one will laugh when they hear the intermittent English dialogue. While all this is happening, Shivani and Veena are literally smiling and laughing. As soon as this is over, controversy begins for some reason between Shivani and Neha. Shivani Neha is blamed for Madhav’s expulsion.

In fact, Shivani, Neha and Madhav were known as the longest trio in the house, but they were also arguing for a week after Madhav was out of the house. In today’s episode, Shivani recovers the old controversy and tells Neha. Shivani also alleged that Madhav had to go out because Neha was constantly playing a Victim card. Teenagers are initially mediating these conflicts, but they also get sidelined as the conflict grows. You have to watch today’s episode to find out if this conflict is causing a split in the house now between the living beings, namely Shivane and Neha.

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