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A rival has been released this week from the Bigg Boss house. It is customary for someone to be evicted from the Bigg Boss house every week. The eviction will be based on the votes cast by the people, with the competitors nominated. Accordingly Fatima Babu was expelled last week. Five people have been nominated this week: Saravanan, Mohan Vaidya, Madhumita, Vanitha and Meera Mithun. Tomorrow’s episode will reveal who’s going to leave.

Mohan Vaidya:

But information about it is starting to leak today. Following Fatima Babu, it was reported that Mohan Vaidya, the oldest of this week, is being evicted from the Bigg Boss house. He seems to have been evicted because he was old at home.


One of the Bigg Boss contenders is the public’s disgust over Vanitha. What he does every day has angered him. It is surprising, therefore, that the news that Vanitha is expected to be eliminated this week has led to the ousting of the na அப்பve Mohan Tatia. Surely this is what the Nittisans are planning Kamal.

Next Saravanan:

Besides, it looks like Saravanan will be expelled next week. Already he is just saying he should go home. It seems that Bigg Boss is planning to leave Tehran next week and keep the teens alone.

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People’s Choice:

People want to have a little older competitors at home with the right guidance. Otherwise, young competitors are more likely to be outnumbered. Therefore, the popular demand is that Bigg Boss should keep the elderly competitors inside the Bigg Boss house.


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