Bigg Boss Tamil 3 7th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Bigg Boss Tamil 3, have Kamal Haasan respects the group of spectators into the week by week examination of the show. He acknowledges the group of spectators for effectively voting in favor of the hopefuls and urges them to proceed with the equivalent.

Sandy Master thanks his significant other, family and companions for making his birthday additional exceptional. As a major aspect of the morning task, Abhirami Venkatachalam instructs navarasas (9 feelings) to the housemates.

Vanitha Vijayakumar suggests Meera Mitun by griping about the errors of Madhumitha and Fathima Babu. Meera promptly attempts to explain with Fathima and iron out the distinctions. Meera later has a passionate breakdown because of the reaction of Madhumitha and Fathima.

Kamal enquires about Cheran’s wellbeing. Kamal ridicules Kavin by requesting that he disclose how to perform various tasks. He pulls Saravanan’s legs by asking him how he (Saravanan) mentioned to give him a chance to out of the house. Saravanan answers that he has a similar inclination even now as he thinks that its extreme to avoid his kid. Kamal pass on his birthday wishes to Sandy.

Kamal ridicules the frame of mind of the male contenders during the warmed contentions between the female detainees. He requests the input of the male candidates on the equivalent.

Kamal allows Madhumitha to talk her brain as she was denied an open door during one of the past errands.

Kamal enquires about the prior battle including Mugen, Meera and others. He questions Sakshi Agarwal the explanation for making a perplexity dependent on unadulterated presumptions, when she was uncertain of what occurred with Meera and Mugen. Meera clarifies her perspective to Kamal.

Kamal takes input from the housemates over the captaincy of Mohan Vaidya. Madhumitha communicates her discontent over Mohan’s captaincy. Cheran says that he saw a couple of weaknesses in Mohan’s methodology towards keeping up harmony in the house.

Kamal acknowledges the momentous work done by Cheran, Sherin and others from his group concerning cleaning. Kamal compliments their work as the best up until this point. Kamal includes that their work will be taken for instance by group of spectators too. He further offers his experience of seeing the cleanliness practices of Swaminathapuram town close Erode, Tamil Nadu.

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Talking about the assignments for ousting, Kamal requests that the housemates carry a board with names and photos of the selected hopefuls. The housemates are approached to express their feeling over the competitor they need to get ousted from the house. Madhumitha and Meera get designated the most.

Kamal says that individuals have casted a ballot to Madhumitha sparing her from expulsion. Madhumitha has tears of satisfaction over the affection reached out by the watchers.


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