Bihar Police is coming to Mumbai to investigate Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case. However, the Bihar Police who have reached Mumbai are not getting many help from the Mumbai Police. There were reports that Bihar Police is doing its work with the help of auto rickshaws and private cabs. According to a News18 report, the Bihar police had to walk 3 km to go to Ankita Lokhande’s house for questioning, after which the actress drove her back in her Jaguar car.

Photographs and videos of Bihar Police have also come out of Ankita’s house. Ankita’s brother and PR are seen on the front seat of the car, while Bihar Police is behind.

Sushant Singh Rajput had said this about suicide

Ankita said while talking to this day, ‘It is a very old thing, then someone had committed suicide. We were sitting together talking about how someone could die. At that time Sushant told me that if Ankita ever thought of suicide, I would change it in 15 minutes. I will fix everything I will not go like this’.

Sushant Singh Rajput case: Supreme Court to hear Riya Chakraborty’s petition on August 5

In an interview, Ankita said about Riya, ‘I cannot say anything about Riya and Sushant. I do not know what happened and I am no one to talk about it. But I am with Sushant’s family because if you accuse someone, you will definitely have some proof. So I am with Sushant’s family ‘.

When Riya left, Ankita said, ‘I came to know that Riya left him on 8 June. But my Concerns are not Riya. My Concern is Sushant and his family. But if you come to know that Sushant is not well, then how can you leave someone like this? You should have told their parents. I would have done this Nobody is saying that you stay but you could tell the family. But was not to be left alone ‘.


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