Bohemian Rhapsody
Congrats! – Ed Herrera via Getty Images

Rami Marek of the movie ‘ Bohemian Rhapsody ‘ won the Best Actor Award at the 91st Academy Awards ceremony held in Los Angeles, the local time. Co-starred in this work, I had a hot kiss with Lucy Bowinton who developed into a relationship and shared my joy.

Lami who played Freddie Mercury who is Queen’s vocal in the movie and Lucy who played the lady Mary who he loved. Rami, whose name was called as a leading actor award, suppressed ” Vice ” Christian Bale and others, kissed twice the lips of Lucy who was sitting next to him, hugged and then came to the stage. Lucy wiped the lipstick on the face of Rami with a finger and showed a gesture, and it looked like a lovely thing.

At the end of the speech at the end of the speech, Rami got up to the stage, “Lucy Bowinton, you are a very talented person in the centre of this movie, I grabbed my heart and I really appreciated.” I was sending a message.

The 91st Academy Awards ceremony was held on February 25 (Monday) at 9 pm at WOWOW prime, closed caption broadcasting


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