Marvel Series’s movie ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is released today at the box office.

Avengers: Seeing these endorsements by Boyfriend before watching Endgame Movie, you will be surprised knowing!
Avengers: Photo Credits: Instagram

The film was released in cinemas all over the world. Various record breaking figures are also coming out in the few hours of the release of this movie. There is little to see about any other film like the kind of enthusiasm in the audience about this film. We are going to tell you a similar case.

You will also be amazed when a lover has given strict instructions to his girlfriend before seeing this movie. The boy has made some such rules so that he does not feel any difficulty in watching the film.

A girl named Kamilla Rose wrote on Twitter about this, “My boyfriend has sent this strict note to see Avengers: Endgame on our cinema trip, because it’s just a date night was.”

We will tell you what rules have been set by Boyfriend in this note. It reads-

“Avengers: In our endgame.

We will not be standing in the line of popcorn..Please prepare it in advance.

You do not have permission to eat anything while watching the movie and finally during the credit roll. You can drink water slowly.

I will not give you a way to go to the toilet. Choose different paths. If there is an emergency with our son then I give you the full permission of this thing that you go from there and handle the situation. I will see you after seeing the credit roll in the end.

After watching the film, we will discuss about its events for 30 minutes and understand things calmly.

You may be ready for this if I do not stay the same after seeing this movie.

Thank you for cooperating with me I will be waiting for this beautiful experience. “

People are also quite surprised after reading such rules and conditions before watching the movie.

There is so much anger between the fans about Avengers Endgame that the booking is also full in many theaters. Now this film will break the record and how many records it will tell.


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