Boymen Yutaka Kobayashi
Yutaka Kobayashi also bright day

Yutaka Kobayashi of entertainment group “BOYS AND MEN” from Nagoya entered the opening memorial setting of the omnibus movie ” Junction 29 ” held at Aqua City Odaiba on March 23 . Mr. Mizuno Masaru , Tanaka Shunsuke , Honda Takeshumi ‘s members, including Honda Power , Hosoda Yoshihiko , Yamada Kinooo , Ueda Atsushi , Yamada Akihisa director attended, the event was excited with high tension.

This work is “a night of Tutinoko” to meet with the admirer of the high school alumni association, ” marriage conditions over marriage who divorce as marriage business “, episode of young adult who is dying in the video posting “bazuru”, aspire of cartoonist The young man reunites with the high school classmate “junction” consists of four works. Kobayashi who played the young man Maruyama Shinsuke who is trying to select the death by continuing to be defeated in the contest aspiring as a cartoonist at “Shankioni” will appear, “Give us a speech” I Love, Eurab, Yu-chan! Pull out.

Honda is showing a surprising expression that Kobayashi’s appearance is quite different from the face in the play, aside from Boymen members who smile with usual tension. Although it was Kobayashi who had nothing to worry about the surrounding voice, he told the shadowed role he himself played, “Because I sometimes get dark, there is a part similar to Maruyama,” he says, “If you cook, I am striking the meat or something “and revealed the part of the darkness.

Also because of the title “Condition of marriage”, members also announce marriage conditions. Kobayashi raised hands with Mizuno who said “Curry or the like is nice, is it a standard, but I like grilled potatoes” and say “I can cook” to boost the audience seating .

Kobayashi said, “A person who spends with a smile everyday is good, people who change bright things brightly” to show off the condition of marriage “It is ostensibly, in fact it works for a jeweler, actually has an annual income of 30 million A circle person, remarking that the name of the child is love for a boy, love for a girl, love is good for two people, “he was confused by the speakers.

Kobayashi was lively and lively in the venue, but at the end he talked about expressively saying, “I made a fuss on the stage, but I acted seriously at the play.”


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