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From the movie ‘ Transformers ” s first spin-off ‘ Bumblebee ‘ (released March 22), a special image told by Director Travis Night and Cast Staff about this work was released.

Bumblebee who has been fighting with the young Sam of the earthling person and inventor Cade as the core member of justice’s Transformers · Autobots. “Bumblebee” depicts the adventure of Bumblebee, the 18-year-old girl Charlie, set on the Earth in the 1980’s, just came on Earth.

Speaking of the characteristics of Bumblebee, unique chatting using radio. In the video, the scene where Charlie installs the radio in Bumblebee is also reflected, and Director Travis Night who took the megaphone said “(Bumblebee) is a deep bond with human beings even in Transformers (series). I was able to do something and see how Bee is finding a way to talk. ” I make you realize that the familiar voice of Bumblebee is playing a part in heartwarming stories.

Director Knight who worked on the stop motion animation ” KUBO / Kubo two strings secret ” (2017) in ancient Japan, has repeatedly visited Japan from early childhood, and he was also a passionate toy of transformer toys. Although he took over the appeal such as a fancy battle scene established by director Michael Bay, he aimed to draw the importance of love, sympathy, and bonds that aware of the movies of the 1980s to the utmost.

“What was the central element was the relationship with others.The action scenes themselves were entered in the work itself from the outset but in connection with the important element of the relationship between Charlie and Bumblebee It was important to have that creation of this work became one of the most precious experiences in my life ”

Hayley Steinfeld who plays popularity as an artist who played charlie breeding bond with Bumblebee in this work . Besides that, casts such as John Cina , Jorge Rendelsborg, Jr are cast to cast on the human side.

The movie “Bumblebee” will be released nationwide from March 22


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