Andr Asiman of the original author of "Call me by your name"
Andr Asiman of the original author of “Call me by your name”

Andre Asiman , the original movie ” Calling me by your name “, got a movie in Q & A held at the JCC Manhattan New York on February 8 (local time) I talked about the process and the episode at the time of production.

In 1983, 17-year-old Elio ( Timothy · Sharame ) , who had spent a summer with his family in a northern Italian villa, was an older graduate student Oliver ( Army Hummer ) invited by a father of a university professor who teaches archeology ). While spending time together, Erio gets into love with Oliver and eventually passes through his thoughts, but as the end of summer gets closer, the day Oliver leaves the summer resorts is near. Luca Guadagnino served as the director.

Author Andre said the director does not necessarily follow the original. “They (the production team) decided the director of this work over about five years, while the director changed many times each time the actor changed, the screenplay was also rewritten several times. Firstly, “I did not write it assuming movies, so it would be nice to work as we wanted to do, I will not speak out.” My job is to finish the original work, Actually, there are quite a few parts in the movie that are different from the original, for example in the original there was a house (a villa) near the beach, but from the production team “on the beach Although I looked for a lot of villas, I could not find it, it was said that only places that do not permit photography are found, but after all, it was said that it was not possible to take pictures in places without water (sea or lake) But I thought it went well as a result I think that it was successful to say “Do what you want” to do. ”

In addition, there were chapters that set the stage in Rome as the original. “Although two people (Elio and Oliver) were set to go to Rome for three days, Coach Guadianino said” I will shorten the scene in Rome. “I said,” No problem, do it ” If he answers, he adds, “In fact, quite a part of Rome will be cut.” If I return it as “Do what I want to do!” Again, I feel sorry again “Actually … … I decided to cut all the Roman settings. “I said” Do not apologize because there is no problem! ”

In the play, classical music being used, Andre who frequently uses many of his own novels. “Using classical music can tell the reader that something serious and special is in it, and classical music will invite you to a completely different world.I myself am a novel and classic music I’m stimulating the reader by setting music flowing in. There is a person who often says that it is good to put rock ‘s music in my novel, but I like classical music more I do not dislike rock, but I think that it is not a strong stimulus for audiences than a story when it is a rock. ”

As for the sequel of “Calling me by your name”, “In fact, Erio and Oliver are depicting 15 years later, 20 years later as well, if you draw a few years with a sequel, That is also the same as the previous day, so in a sense, if it’s not a sequel, it’s not Prequel, In-betweenquel (I do not have such a word) In the new work, it shows how the three guys (Elio, Oliver, and Elio ‘s father), what choices they made are drawn. “


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