Captain Marvel
Gemma Chan, Samuel L. Jackson co-starring in “Captain Marvel”, Bury Larson starring

On the 14th, the press conference of Marvel Studio’s latest work ” Captain Marvel ” (released on 15th March) was held in Singapore, and Brian Larson starring Brian Larson revealed the process of role-making and the thought for this work. Samuel L. Jackson of the role of Nick Fury , Gemma Chan of the role of Min Elba , Anna Bowden & Ryan Fleck of the director combination also attended on this day.

“Captain Marvel” is a suspense action that challenges the mighty enemies against the memories of one’s female hero who lost in the 1990’s earth and the galaxy. In the movie ‘ Room ‘ (2015), starring Bret as the actress award winning the academy award, the strongest team, the secret story before the birth of the Avengers is revealed.

Marvell’s first challenge, this work as a topic as a solo piece of a female hero. Blee himself, who plays captain and marvel, should think deeply about “the strength of women” “I meditate not only what I imagined from my experience until now, I thought about the strength of a woman again” To reveal.

On this day, media from Singapore and other Asian countries gathered. From the reporters, if a sequel to “Captain Marvel” was produced, what hero wants to join the tag? And blew thrown without hesitation, I would like to collaborate with Muslim Belle, a Muslim women’s hero planned for real life. “My dream is that Mizu Marvel will appear in the sequel, which is the goal.” When I confessed, a big applause was sent from the press.

When playing captain · marbell with overwhelming power, Bree who was able to move a huge jeep with human power at the end of 9 months of physical remodeling said, “Even if you put a man in front of you, I began to think that I can not throw it away. “He mentioned the change he had visited himself. For her who has demonstrated his skill with art works, the challenge to action has brought unprecedented joy.

“The action scene is so-called” how to correctly defeat the alien “is decided, a scene to train fighting with Jude · Row appears, but in shooting it is like a sense of partner like dance In the wire action, I shot a bruise, a sprain and a bruise with about 16 hours of shooting, but I got a satisfaction by attacking the opponent and it was a refreshing experience. ”

By the way, speaking of Captain Marvel, for Marvell, it is also expected to play an active part in ‘ Avengers / End Game ‘ (released April 26) which depicts the clash of the strongest villain Sanos and the Avengers . At the press conference, Briley asked, “Is she going to be the key to beat Sanoos?”, But “I can not answer it although it is a really good question, but thanks!” I was dodging with the joke.


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