Stephen Soderbergh
(Bottom) From the left, Bill Duke, Sonya Thorn, Melvin Gregg, André Holland, (upper row) from left, Tarel Alvin McLeanie, Kyle McLachlan, Zazy Beats

Appearance actors Andre Holland , Zazy Beats , Sonya Thorn , Melvin Gregg , Bill Duke on the new act “Director of High Flying Bird – Aim For Basketball” directed by Steven Soderbergh under Netflix , Kyle McLachlan and screenwriter Tarel Alvin McLeanie told the AOL holding event in New York on February 7 (local time).

The professional basketball league NBA enters a lockout (big groove in both the owner and the players fails to conclude a new labor-management agreement, the league’s work is officially suspended), and a newcomer Eric · Scott (Melvin) was economically troubled. Ray Bark (André), who consulted the agent, moves independently to solve the lockout early. Zazy played Ray’s assistant Sam, Sonya Lei’s colleague Myra, Bill Spence of a boy’s basketball coach, Kyle played a team owner David.

Director Soderbergh is André who assembled a tag five years ago with the TV series “The Knick / The Nick”. “I got a book for his birthday, he also helped me get in touch with my returning book, and I began talking about projects that I can share with. At that time, Donald Sterling (Los Angeles / As the owner of the Clippers, who talked about discrimination against black at the end of an argument with a lover) was leaked, we discussed discussions on race, sports and political intersection. ” It is said that Tarrell has written a script based on the development of this argument.

Screenwriter Tarrell said that he did considerable research before shooting. “I tried to examine why lockouts are convenient for anyone, but I could easily draw it as a player’s advantage, but in the process of continuing my research I got new ideas from Stephen and Andre, When I was given a sociologist Harry Edwards’ book “The Revolt of the Black Athlete” I was amazed by that book and became embarrassed, how colored race athletes are colored Because we did not know whether we have undertaken reform of the present situation (of society) or citizen involvement based on that fact. ”

Melvin said about the creation of the role of this work “There are several professional athletes around me, and since I have been in contact with many athletes during the growing season, based on those, the athlete is on the court or outside the court “I tried to grasp what it looked like,” he recalled, “About 19 years old, I was a child for the past 18 years, I have been an adult yet for a year, but I need an adult decision I will be given a big opportunity and I will earn a lot of money with that opportunity, but since I am still a child, I will depend heavily on Agent Ray. ”

Zazi explains Sam played as a character with a big ambition and says, “I like characters like her who seek stimulation in places higher than my place of presence.” Meanwhile, Kyle who played the team owner, David, seems to have spent time with Paul Allen (owner of NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers) to play this role, very calm and cool person It turned around. In addition, Sonya who was a fan of screenwriter Tarrell and Soderbergh’s director was excited at the opportunity to work together, “Although it has been cast to the role of relatively strong women until now, I have never played such a role, she introduced myself as a strong woman in a world dominated by men. ”

Bill with a tag with the movie “The man who came from the UK ” said, “This work was a new experience of shooting on the iPhone. The most surprising thing was that Dolly Shot (a wheeled camera I was surprised to see that it was shooting with the iPhone attached to the wheelchair with the moving table of the camera.) It was a wonderful experience together with excellent actor teams, “


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