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Jagatjala orders to name Mouni baba, he wishes to reveal Mouni baba’s know-how to his friends. Durgeshwari/Mura walks in the direction of Sthul/Mouni baba’s room. Durgam Dugu with some maids walks to Mura and says she is a professional warrior, but quickly she may be forced to submit herself to him like those maids. Maids touch him sensuously. Mura walks to Sthul’s room and does locate him. Nishumbi hide with unconscious Sthul and takes him faraway from there. Mura senses someone in the back of sofa and walks there. She does not find every person there and thinks where Sthul should have long gone. Jagatjala maintains boasting about Mouni baba’s prediction that Martand could be subsequent chief and until he comes, Martand will describe his bravery testimonies. Mura returns and says Mouni baba isn’t in his room. Chandragupta senses some thing is inaccurate and attempts to go away, however Martand stops him and orders not to simply stand beside him. Jagatjala orders to name his marketing consultant Lakha napit/barber and not locating him thinks why all are missing.

Chanakya reminisces Nishumbi informing that her sister Kajri stole royal seal and thinks he ought to search her to recognise extra about assassins. He walks to Kajri’s house and asks humans round if it’s miles Kajri’s residence. human beings say it’s miles, but she is lacking due to the fact that a few days or even servant Agjeev is likewise missing given that equal time. Chanakya begins searching all of them round. In horse stable, Ashwa/Indra attempts to control Jagatjala’s horse. Dahak shoots toxic needle to his neck and he collapses. Mura walks to horse strong searching Indra and seeing a maid crying walks to her and asks what came about to her. Nishumbi hits her from behind and he or she collapses. She and Dahak then take Sthul, Indra, and Mura to jungle and tying them to a wheel snicker that soon they will be killed and as soon as the wheel rotates may be reduce into 1/2. They return to seize Chandragupta subsequent.

In court docket, Martand informs 40 village chiefs that his father has gone out and until he returns, he’ll solution their query. One says they don’t don’t forget him ready and giggle on him. Chandragupta warns them to appreciate destiny chief and if they reduce to rubble with him, they have to overlook their kids taking over their area as village chiefs and asks all of them to leave right now. He walks into hall and smells smoking rising nearby and collapses. Dahak peeps out and smirks.

Chanakya receives tired searching Agjeev and Kajri and stand in jungle. He sees worms on ground and thinks they come handiest on dead bodies. He investigates in addition and finds Kajri and Agjeev and their households’ useless our bodies.

Chanakya Niti: To reduce an apple, they’ll use knife and now not a sword, in addition the use of more than needed energy in life is not sensible as it can help in 1 state of affairs and may backfire in any other, so they should preserve their energy and use it correctly.

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Precap Upcoming Chandragupta Maurya Episode Update: Dahak informs Jagatjala that servant Arjun is Piplivan’s prince Chandragupta Maurya. Jagatjala sends a message to Dhananand that he has stuck traitor Chandragupta and his group.


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