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Under Malayketu’s initiative, the military of Paurav Rashtra stretches out assistance to Chandragupta. Furthermore, Dhanananda, who needs to crush Chandragupta, hatches an arrangement to slaughter all his partner.

Tarini’s message cautions Chandragupta about a risk to Malayketu’s life. The promotion of Wednesday’s episode demonstrates Malayketu encompassed by Amatya Rakshas and his troopers. For the unversed, Malayketu, the youthful child recently Puru, was blessed as the King of Paurav Rashtra by Chandragupta, the sovereign of Piplivan.

Under Malayketu’s administration, the military of Paurav Rashtra stretches out assistance to Chandragupta. What’s more, Dhanananda, who needs to vanquish Chandragupta, hatches an arrangement to murder all his partner.

To cut the quality of Piplivan and Paurav Rashtra’s consolidated armed force, Dhanananda asks Amatya Rakshas to take out Malayketu. He knows, if the lord passes on, a headless armed force won’t endure.

To murder Malayketu, Amatya Rakshas, the most confided in helper of Dhanananda hatches an arrangement. He sets out toward Paurav Rashtra in camouflage of a holy person alongside his military. When he achieves the royal residence in Paurav Rashtra, he demands Malayketu’s gatekeepers to give them a chance to hit the premises. They state they have a welcome for lunch from the ruler. Hence, by portraying a manufactured story, Amatya Rakshas and his troopers venture inside Malayketu’s castle.

Then, Chandragupta, who gets Tarini’s message, equips to reach Paurav Rashtra at the most punctual to safeguard Malayketu. For the individuals who participated in late, Malayketu was held hostage in an underground jail by Ambhi Raj, who executed ruler Puru of Paurav Rashtra. Chandragupta met Malayketu when he was pushed inside the underground jail by Seleucus’ officers. In the wake of getting away from the jail, Chandragupta plays mind amusements with Seleucus, and in the closures, prevails with regards to tossing him out of Paurav Rashtra.

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What’s more, presently, Malayketu is in a bad position by and by. Will Chandragupta spare him?


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