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Jagatjala requests to call Mouni baba, he needs to demonstrate Mouni baba’s information to his companions. Durgeshwari/Mura strolls towards Sthul/Mouni baba’s room. Durgam Dugu with a couple of house keepers strolls to Mura and says she is a talented warrior, yet soon she will be compelled to submit herself to him like these servants. House keepers contact him exotically. Mura strolls to Sthul’s room and finds him. Nishumbi stow away with oblivious Sthul and removes him from that point. Mura faculties somebody behind couch and strolls there. She doesn’t discover anybody there and thinks where Sthul probably gone. Jagatjala keeps bragging about Mouni baba’s expectation that Martand will be next boss and till he comes, Martand will depict his boldness stories. Mura returns and says Mouni baba isn’t in his room. Chandragupta faculties something isn’t right and attempts to leave, yet Martand stops him and requests not to simply remain close to him. Jagatjala requests to call his consultant Lakha napit/hair stylist and not discovering him supposes why all are absent.

Chanakya thinks back Nishumbi educating that her sister Kajri stole regal seal and supposes he should look through her to find out about professional killers. He strolls to Kajri’s home and inquires as to whether it is Kajri’s home. Individuals state it is, yet she is absent since a couple of days and even hireling Agjeev is likewise absent since same time. Chanakya begins looking them all around. In pony stable, Ashwa/Indra attempts to control Jagatjala’s steed. Dahak shoots noxious needle to his neck and he crumples. Mura strolls to horse stable seeking Indra and seeing a house cleaner crying strolls to her and asks the end result for her. Nishumbi hits her from behind and she falls. She and Dahak then take Sthul, Indra, and Mura to wilderness and binds them to a wheel chuckle that soon they will be murdered and once the wheel turns will be cut into half. They come back to catch Chandragupta next.

In court, Martand advises 40 town boss that his dad has gone out and till he returns, he will address their inquiry. One says they don’t think of him as able and snicker on him. Chandragupta cautions them to regard future boss and on the off chance that they mess up with him, they ought to overlook their kids assuming control over their place as town boss and requests that them all leave at the present time. He strolls into passageway and scents smoking rising adjacent and breakdown. Dahak peeps out and grins.

Chanakya gets worn out seeking Agjeev and Kajri and remain in wilderness. He sees worms on ground and supposes they come just on dead bodies. He explores further and discovers Kajri and Agjeev and their families’ dead bodies.

Chanakya Niti: To cut an apple, they will utilize blade and not a sword, comparatively utilizing more than required power in life is pointless as it might help in 1 circumstance and may blowback in another, so they should preserve their capacity and use it fittingly.

Precap: Dahak advises Jagatjala that hireling Arjun is Piplivan’s sovereign Chandragupta Maurya. Jagatjala makes an impression on Dhananand that he has gotten backstabber Chandragupta and his group.

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Chandragupta Maurya 11 April 2019
Chandragupta Maurya 11th April 2019
Chandragupta Maurya 11 April
Chandragupta Maurya 11th April


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