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Dhananand sees his wealth being looted and brought away on carts and runs at the back of. Chandragupta’s buddy get tensed that Dhananand is running faster than their carts. Chandragupta says he can’t trap them and reminds them about their plan. They throw marbles on his way and he falls down. Chandragupta’s car gets caught. Dhananand receives up and runs once more. Chandragupta pulls his chariot cart and speeds away. Stone fall in Dhananand’s manner, and he stops once more. He then sees Chanakya stand on cliff and laughing on Dhananand that known as him as mere tiny straw which cannot do anything, but he looted Dhananand’s whole wealth and soon will make him broke. He challenges Dhananand to destroy him quickly and fulfill his oath. Dhananand hurriedly climbs cliff and finds Chanakya already long gone and angrily breaks stone with 1 blow of sword.

Chandragupta and his pals have fun after searching Dahanand’s wealth and say they will cover it. Chanakya enters disguised as soldier and assaults them. buddies panic. Chandragupta walks to him and says identifies him as guru Chanakya. Chanakya says he identified him, however nobody must discover them; with the aid of now town’s important door would had been closed and that they can’t go out of Magadh, so that they should conceal this wealth someplace here itself and he’s going to find a way quickly.

Dhananand is going to his barber faculty where his Barber guru gathers all his college students and calling a curly hair boy asks to entangle his hair and resolve puzzle. Dhananand tries to entangle his hair forcefully reminiscing Chanakya’s scoffs. Guru says all his ancestors got salon schooling here and he must use his know-how to entangle boy’s braids. He reminisces all of the incidents happened in palace from seeing curtain fluttering, soldier’s fabric being found in Padmanand’s idol room, Tithiraj guffawing, and so on. He entangles hair. Guru says king solved puzzle. Dhananand says, one has to reach their roots to resolve puzzle.

Mura walks into’s Tithiraj’s prison room and thanks him for supporting loot Dahananand’s wealth. Dhananand walks in and says if she has helped thief scouse borrow wealth, he will not spare her. next morning, Chandragupta walks into marketplace and see king punishing a person, asks a man what is going on. guy says king stuck wrongdoer who stole wealth. Chandragupta walks in front and is stunned to peer Dhananand getting ready to behead Mura, stops Dhananand and says Mura is innocent as Chanakya stole his wealth. On the alternative side, Chanakya disguised as fruit supplier buys fruit orchard on lease and can pay 298 cash to orchard proprietor. proprietor says he promised to pay three hundred cash. Chanakya says he will earn 2 cash from end result and could pay him. as soon as proprietor leaves, Sthul asks why did he lie once they have good deal of wealth. Chanakya says to not let proprietor doubt him seeing gold’s brightness and hides all wealth in fruit baskets. Dhananand tells Chandragupta that he heard Mura thanking thanking Thithiraj, so she is part of this crime; if Chandragupta desires Mura alive, he has to seize Chanakya and bring him before sunset. Chandragupta has the same opinion.

Chanakya Niti: there may be no damage turning into thorn however before pricking into someone, they need to discover whom they may be pricking; in addition earlier than attacking enemy, one should know enemy’s energy, else they’ll be destroyed without knowing enemy’s weak spot and one have to befriend enemy till they understand his weakness.

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